The  Cluster

Watermelon seeds are hanging freely confined in delicate formations not unlike cobwebs.


Delapidated seeds of the Norway maple spin freely when caught by wind.

All that is left of the winged seed of the Norway maple is the leafs skeleton. These delicate formations occur if the leaves make it through the winter without touching the ground. The dilapidated seeds spin freely when caught by wind, as if the opened ribcage was breathing. Pumpkinseeds make up the ragged edges of the wounds openings through which direct view of the lungs is given.

The displayed human torso is a metaphor for natures soul that gave us life, but by many people is perceived as given rather than giving.

It is time for our emotional registry towards nature to be replenished.

Christus Dolorosus

a body. twisted and tormented, crowned with thorns.


Food resources are spread unevenly over the world. Those who are in possession, do not handle them with care and mostly are unwilling of sharing their abundance with others who are in need. By linking them together using wire, I deprived approximately 630 pumkinseeds of their possibility to bud.

Everything we own is Gods loan.

Carl von Linné

Stolen Goods

The way we treat nature is quite brutal. I dug up a bamboo-plant including the network of roots. By doing this, I separated it from its collective. Then I washed the roots, taking its livelihood. Using the blunt side of an axe as well as a mediumsized stone I then beat the plant until its body broke, the texture came apart, fibres started parting. I bundled up the remains after they had dried in the sun for a few days.

June 2014

The Queen

Frame made from rattan, body made from corn. It turned out surprisingly heavy. A homage to the true rulers of earth.

Better rudimentary than not at all

Every now and then situations arise in our lives that seem to tear us apart. We put things (back) together, because they are important to us and we dread loosing any one of the individual parts. This works beauty lies in visualizing confidence in ones own life by creating a new order out of individual parts and making a new ensemble out of them.


Neverlasting Stilllife

Dutch still lifes show foods on their height of freshness and beauty. Apparently the setup of perishable goods and their presentation in superstores are following the same intent.

In Neverlasting Stilllife two used up empty shells team up to a new unison to absolve themselves from the CHIC of time.

Materials and work technique

rattan, in its different gauges, is a marvellous material that complies but which cannot be forced. submerged in water it takes some time before it can be honed. with it i was able to build shapes that claim space. the shapes are delicate and soft without exception. at times, depending on the entering light the shade that emmanates can be seen more forceful than the figure itself.


Ihr Weg zu mir

Da mein Leben großteils mit Papier am Schreibtisch, am Boden oder an der Wand stattfindet, freue ich mich vor allem über analoge Kontaktaufnahme. Sie werden sehen, es gibt nichts Erfreulicheres, als endlich wieder einmal einen Brief von Hand zu schreiben. Oder Sie rufen mich an. Ach, Sie haben Ihr Telefon bereits in der Hand? 


Seeing as my life mainly centers on paper on desks, the floor or the walls available, I am most greatful for being contacted the oldfashioned way - be honest, when was the last time you actually wrote a letter by hand? Give it a try. You might enjoy it. Calling me would be another option - I say! You are holding your mobile this instant?

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