Shellac is an excretion originating from female lac insect (Kerria Lacca). the species of tree as well as the age of the lac insect affect the colour of the shellac, which can range from a light shade of yellow, almost see-through to a dark red.

when dissolved in denatured alcohol, small floating particles are deposited on the ground. This process takes a few weeks after which the shellac is ready to be used.

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Da mein Leben großteils mit Papier am Schreibtisch, am Boden oder an der Wand stattfindet, freue ich mich vor allem über analoge Kontaktaufnahme. Sie werden sehen, es gibt nichts Erfreulicheres, als endlich wieder einmal einen Brief von Hand zu schreiben. Oder Sie rufen mich an. Ach, Sie haben Ihr Telefon bereits in der Hand? 


Seeing as my life mainly centers on paper on desks, the floor or the walls available, I am most greatful for being contacted the oldfashioned way - be honest, when was the last time you actually wrote a letter by hand? Give it a try. You might enjoy it. Calling me would be another option - I say! You are holding your mobile this instant?

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