Deafs eppa no a weng mehr sein?

“Would you like a little more?” / "May I offer a little more?"

The 'First World' has presented itself with the rest of the world as a present.

Quadratur des Kreises

the squaring of the circle.

Out for a Walk

Grabbling for Ressources

What we see as garbage is seen as an much desired asset in other parts of the world. Trade is pursued, livelihoods are dependant. The blindness towards our worlds actual condition is precipitated by the abundance in our world and hinders us in objectively perceiving the relevant points of view should our goal be the continuity of our world .

Out for a Walk (II)

this is not a painting

On the lines of René Magrittes 'Ceci n'est pas une pipe' from 1928/29 this diptychon is no painting. What else, but a medium on which the drawings are presented, is the canvas on this picture? Nothing has been painted. The background was applied by hand, the red dripped onto the canvas. The four heads, each of them drawn, depict conformism and the therein contained individuality that individually is perceived as genuine.

Filtered Existence

Our character is multiform. In interaction with other people we are able to activate strategies of communication, depending on necessity and situation. Hurt parts of the self are being deferred to the cool, hard-bitten ( here already worn-out) self.

Black-eyed Camouflage

Individuality (torn apart) that has been given up in favour of compliancy.


Trapped in the constant repetition of learned traits.

Reinvention of the Self

In search of the self, previous versions are being overwritten, fragmented or destroyed immediately. The voices screaming for alteration / adaptation the loudest are the ones surrounding us in our environment. Mostly the search for the self goes along with the destruction of the primarily true self that is superimposed by exterior requirements (represented by civil emblematics).


The last painting of the series shows the varations of the self that have been available as blank matrices on the way towards the discovery of the self. The primarily true self is shown as only true core on which growth is possible.

Ihr Weg zu mir

Da mein Leben großteils mit Papier am Schreibtisch, am Boden oder an der Wand stattfindet, freue ich mich vor allem über analoge Kontaktaufnahme. Sie werden sehen, es gibt nichts Erfreulicheres, als endlich wieder einmal einen Brief von Hand zu schreiben. Oder Sie rufen mich an. Ach, Sie haben Ihr Telefon bereits in der Hand? 


Seeing as my life mainly centers on paper on desks, the floor or the walls available, I am most greatful for being contacted the oldfashioned way - be honest, when was the last time you actually wrote a letter by hand? Give it a try. You might enjoy it. Calling me would be another option - I say! You are holding your mobile this instant?

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